FocusFirst, inc

Additional Testimonials

  • "A magnificent $200,000 donation has been made to our organization and is en route to Iowa. We have waited over 20 years for this day. Thank you all for your efforts."
    President, Board of Directors for non-profit organization

  • "Here’s an update on the path I took once I left the entrepreneur classes. My journey led me to an opportunity to purchase a business, form my own corporation and now publish two publications. It's a tremendous challenge but I am really enjoying steering my own course. You should know that your entrepreneur workshops played a key role in preparing me for this leap."
    Leader transitioning from Fortune 500 company to entrepreneurship

  • "An excellent facilitator, Lori teaches with the individuals in mind, always making everyone feel comfortable and participating with all."
    Employee, Fortune 500 company

  • "I don’t know if I’ve ever told you thank you. But thank you very much for helping me.  Even with everything that’s going on right now, I believe I’ve been able to handle it. The staff is feeling very supported. I do appreciate it."
    Executive, Hospital

    "Very few people know of the ups and downs my life has had over the past few years. You’ve seen me when I wanted to throw in the towel and encouraged me to get some help. I can’t tell you how important your support was during those trying times. You’ve been my manager, mentor, leader, and friend over the years."
    Manager, Fortune 500 company

    "I just wanted to express my appreciation for the management in this department. I have never worked anywhere (that involved a large number of employees) that had such professional leadership."
    Employee, fortune 500 company